Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with the vampire theme?
Vampires are charming, well-dressed, and they are terrific recruiters. Just like the HR professionals we hope will see value in using our software. Also, it’s fun.

What is Jobula?
Jobula is an online service that enables hirers to generate unique links they can include in their job postings. When job seekers click those links, they are brought to a page at where they can see what stage the hiring process has progressed to.

Who are Jobula’s customers?
HR professionals, recruiters, and businesses who advertise jobs on the internet.

Why do applicants need access to more information?
The ability to check on the status of jobs they’re eager to win can help job seekers manage their time and expectations.

Candidates are contacted — why should a company care about the rest?
It’s a voluntary kindness to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people they will never meet. It also saves time and money by reducing the likelihood of countless follow-up emails and calls.

How often will I receive reminders to update job statuses?
Weekly, while you have active tracking links. You can choose which day of the week.