How Jobula Works

Jobula enables HR teams and recruiters to provide meaningful transparency during the hiring process by including a unique tracking link at the bottom of each job posting. When clicked, those links will bring applicants to Jobula, where they can see whether a job is still open to applications, candidates have already been contacted, interviews are underway, or the position has been filled.

  • When you have a new job to post, visit Jobula first.
  • Generate a unique Jobula tracking link for the job.
  • Include that link at the bottom of your job posting.
  • Place your job posting around the internet, as usual.
  • Receive reminders to update the status at Jobula.

With the ability to self-serve information at any time, applicants will have little reason to follow up, no reason to despair, and every reason to continue their search for a great new job.

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About Us

Standard Volcanic is a two-person company that meets over coffee to invent good things using creativity and technology. With Jobula, our goal is to provide a piece of software that positively affects hundreds of lives every time a job opportunity is posted online. If you have feedback or questions about Jobula, you are welcome to email us anytime at: